October 30, 2020

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Professional Tips for DIY End of Tenancy Cleaning from To Be Clean

End of Tenancy cleaning Have you ever wanted to do a deep clean, only to realize that all the tools and chemicals you need will cost you a fortune? This often happens when people are at the end of their lease and have to clean their property impeccably. One might think that commercial cleaning solutions would be the best option, as well as the safest. That’s not true though, as there are many DIY ways to clean your apartment to the best standards.

Ditch all those foul-smelling chemical cleaning solutions that leave streaks behind when cleaning windows and other glass surfaces. All you need is some water and a microfiber cloth. First, do a couple of horizontal wipes near the base. Then, finish with wiping vertically top to bottom, and you’re finished. Now you have perfectly clean windows with absolutely no streaks left behind!

You’re having a nice glass of red wine and then, oh no, it’s spilt! Not only has good wine been wasted, but now there’s a nasty stain on the carpet. You might find the solution a bit controversial but pay close attention. Pour some white wine over the spot, then sprinkle baking soda and wait until it forms a paste. Finally, scrub it off and done, not a trace left of that ugly stain.

The next worst thing to stain any piece of furniture in your home is chocolate. Fear not though, it’s just as easy to deal with. Just harden it by placing some ice cubes wrapped around a plastic bag over the spot. After it hardens, scrape it away with some dull object, such as a butter knife or a spoon. Then you could also vacuum it if there are any tiny specks left.

When dealing with a microwave, unless you actually want the workout, you don’t need to scrub long and hard to clean it well. Fill a cup with water, then put some lemon slices in it. Add a bit of white vinegar in the mix, and put the bowl in the microwave. Cook it on high for about five minutes or so, then leave it to just sit for a few more. When the time is up you can effortlessly wipe the inside with a damp cloth. Easy as pie.

Moving on to the bathroom, buying proper cleaning chemicals to clean grout off your tiles can be quite costly. Don’t just throw away your money, there’s an easy and cheap way to do it. Mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, then rub that into the tiles with a toothbrush. You’ll be amazed how effective that solution is, and how cheap compared to other commercial solutions.

Don’t always rely on branded chemical solutions for cleaning. Sure, they can be helpful, but most of the time you don’t really need them to get the job done. With a minimal amount of research, you can find loads of information on DIY cleaning solutions, such as the ones given in this article. Roll up your sleeves and get crafty!