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Bed mattresses get a lot of abuse, whether we know it or not. By the 6ht month of use, over 45% of its total weight is composed of dead skin cells, bed bug carcasses and faeces, hairs and on and on. There is a way to get rid of all of this in a safe and quick manner, without it costing you a fortune. Simply call our mattress cleaning team based in Shepherd’s Bush, West London and get your mattresses treated professionally.

Benefits of Our Service

As a localized cleaning service, our response time is fairly quick, with only 15 minutes of travel time from one corner to the other, we can be practically on your doorstep at the drop of a hat. This is overshadowed by the overwhelming amount of benefits the service has, like:

  • Full bed bug and dust mite treatment
  • Allergen removal
  • Stain extraction
  • Odour neutralization
  • Fibre protection

We also treat bed pillows and other bed accessories for dust-mite and other allergen infestations that might be interfering with your sleep and well-being.

Mattress Cleaning Details

UV light treatment – is a detergent, toxin-free treatment that fully eradicates and deals with fibre pest infestations. It successfully kills bed bugs and dust mites in all of their stages of development, from egg to fully grown adult. A UV light is deployed in the darkened room over the bed mattress, short bursts of it are released, so it can fully penetrate all of the layers of the mattress and get to every single bed bug or dust mite present. All of the leftovers are sucked out with a vacuum leaving you with an allergy-safe bed, perfect for families with sensitive residents that are more prone to allergic reactions.

Steam cleaning – is a follow up for the UV treatment as it still has some sanitizing capabilities, but is far more effective in removing stains and deodorizing even the smelliest of mattresses. It is very similar to the carpet and rug treatment as it still utilizes high-pressure steam jets to get to the stain, however, the vacuum extracting the moisture is used several more times to fully remove the moisture or to leave as little as possible. The suction provided will take away every last bit of bug faeces and carcass.

Book Your Mattress Cleaning Today

You’ve finally decided to make the right move and book us? You can do that by calling this 24/7 customer service line, or by filling out the booking phone. While there, don’t forget to acquire our free quotes, this will give an idea of how much our services will cost you. We also have discounts at your disposal as to lower the already reasonable pricing of the professional mattress cleaning in Shepherd’s Bush, West London.

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