Affordable Prices & Deals in Shepherd’s Bush

Carpets - Steam Cleaning
Bedroom small to 10m2£22
Bedroom mid 15m2 - 20m2£27
Bedroom 20m2 up£32
Through lounge£45
By the step£2
Flights stairs£25
Rug large£26
Rug small£14
Study/Small room£16
Toilet/WC sink£6
Upholstery - Steam Cleaning
Two-seated Sofa£33
Three-seated Sofa£39
Sofa by seat£13
Office chair£4
Dinning chairs£7
Curtains & Mattresses Steam Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains£19
Full length pair of curtains£24
Per room£14
Sofa (per seat)£6

We believe in the honest relationship between a customer and his service provider, and as one we promote the fair treatment of clients. This is why we employ an honest payment system that charges by the workload (e.g 1 bedroom carpet, 2 sofa cushions, etc.) allowing the client to clearly see exactly how much a visit would cost him. We don’t charge extra for the supplies or our actual visit, all of the costs included in the final billing, include the actual cleaning.

Benefits of Hiring Local Cleaners Shepherd's Bush

We have a very large catalogue of services that cover every aspect of proper home care, from carpet cleaning to hard floor maintenance and even bed bug and house mite eradication. This gives you a great choice of services to use at any time of the day. You will also enjoy:

  • The cleaning power of over 50 detergents
  • No toxins or harmful chemicals used
  • On time response
  • Evening, weekend and bank holidays bookings at no extra charge.
  • Constant customer support

For more details on those and other offers, benefits and discounts contact us where a knowledgeable professional will explain every unclear detail.

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You can do it by calling our 24/7 customer service or by filling out our simple electronic booking form. A representative of ours will contact you and go over the details of the scheduled day, and explain about our free quotes and offers. Book today!

Our Services?

rug cleaning Shepard Bush

Rug Cleaning

Starting from £20
upholstery cleaning Shepard's Bush

Upholstery Cleaning

from £20
Mattress cleaning Shepard's Bush

Mattress Cleaning  

from £20
courtesans cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

from £30
Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning 

from £18/h
end of tenancy cleaning Shepard's Bush

End of Tenancy

from £99