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Expert Upholstery  Cleaning in Shepherd’s Bush

Skilled Upholstery Cleaning in Shepherd’s Bush

Upholstery can get quite dirty, especially in households with small children and pets. Messy fingers or an accident or two can leave unpleasant stains on your otherwise pleasant and comfortable furniture. This is where our professional upholstery cleaning service comes in, as one of the best in the Shepherd’s Bush, West London region, we can guarantee perfect results every time.

Benefits of Booking Us

From perfect upholstery treatment to bed bug and dust mite extraction, this service covers every angle of upholstery treatment and has many benefits, like:

  • All stain extraction
  • Professional leather treatment
  • No toxin detergents
  • Over 50 specialized treatments
  • Fibre and textile stain protection

There is in fact a specialized Scotchgard treatment that covers the fibres of your upholstered furniture in a protective layer that denies the dirt and grime of everyday life access to the textile. It also makes it easier to clean, if stains do occur, ultimately saving you time and money.

Upholstery Cleaning Details & Methods

Dry cleaning – has a gentler approach with fibres as it does not use heat or water. This means that it can be used to treat water and heat-sensitive textiles without the possibility of damage or shrinkage. While it is effective in dealing with all sorts of upholstery, it is most often used on natural fibres such as silk and cotton. A fine brush is used on the affected area along with specialized dust which is inserted deep within the material in order to fully bind with the stain. It is left for 15minutes and is then extracted via a powerful vacuum along with all the grime and dirt.

Steam cleaning – we use when dealing with gum, paint, paint additive and other industrial-grade stains. Steam has a very powerful cutting capability, able to deal with every sort of stain, but especially the very hard to extract. Steam under high pressure is inserted into the fibres, reacting with the soiling in a way that would allow immediate extraction. It is then sucked out with a powerful vacuum along with 95% of the water utilized, leaving only a small percentage inside.

Booking Our Upholstery Cleaning Services

To book you can fill out the booking form on our site, or simply call our team, available 24/7, and ask any questions regarding our services, how we conduct the treatments and other cleaning related questions. If you need answers now, we also have an instant chat system also available 24/7 you can join it even now. There acquire about the free quotes, current offers and discounts we have lined up for you.

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