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Looking for the right cleaning company in Shepherd’s Bush, West London? Let us prove to you that we are the best in the business - with 10 years of experience in the service, teams of qualified technicians and an army of professional vehicles and machines, we can take care of any cleaning problem you might have. In fact, we have a 100% quality control guarantee, that will ensure the desired results every team. 

Our Services?

rug cleaning Shepard Bush

Rug Cleaning

Starting from £20
upholstery cleaning Shepard's Bush

Upholstery Cleaning

from £20
Mattress cleaning Shepard's Bush

Mattress Cleaning  

from £20
courtesans cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

from £30
Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning 

from £18/h
end of tenancy cleaning Shepard's Bush

End of Tenancy

from £99

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Benefits of Booking our Expert Services

Not only will your carpets smell nice, but also be cleaner than ever, with all stain types, allergens and bed bugs gone, you can finally enjoy a nice barefoot walk. You will also enjoy:

  • Toxin-free treatments
  • No dangerous residue on the fibres
  • Almost no drying time
  • Allergen-free surfaces
  • Scotchgard fibre protection

There is also a health benefit to the regular cleaning, not only will you lower the toxin levels, but you will also deal with all of the accumulated dust, dirt and stains that will ultimately reduce the possibility of house mire infestations.

Pet safe Cleaning

Clients About Us

John Elder

These guys have a very fast time response. There was an accident right before my little one’s birthday and I needed it cleaned up straight away, I didn’t think that cleaning services worked during the weekends, let alone at 9pm in the evening, but you guys showed up prepared and ready to clean and you didn’t even charge me extra. An astonishing job, too!

Jason Burns

My dog did a ripe mess on my mother’s carpet, she was livid and I needed help. These guys came in, cleaned up the stain, removing the smell completely, as if it never happened. I don’t know how they did it, but they were in and out in less than 30 minutes. Really glad that this service has same day booking, so convenient for emergency cases, regardless of how ridiculous they might be.

Samuel S

A very detailed cleaning, had some minor complaints, but nothing too major or concerning, maybe they had an off day. Still a great service and a great value for money!

Service Details & Techniques

To cover all possible aspects of cleaning, we have improved upon two of the widest used cleaning procedures in the business.

Dry cleaning – is what gives us the ability to clean and safely treat almost all carpet types. As it does not utilize water and heat, this can be used on natural and some synthetic types of carpeting. Regardless if its wall to wall or simply regular carpeting, this can clean every organic and wet stain in a flash. The fine dust is driven into the stain with a brush so it can stick to it, this makes it possible to draw out with a vacuum, ultimately leaving you with a stain-free surface. It also has a slight textile rejuvenation effect, as it removes dust and grime as well.

Steam cleaning – is the more powerful solution to most staining related problems. As it uses high-pressure steam and water to clean, it can tackle even the hardest to clean surfaces. The steam is injected deep into the carpet’s fibres, reacting with the dirt, dissolving it into removable particles that are sucked up along with 95% of the moisture used in the process, this leaves you with a slightly damp carpet that should dry within 2-3 hours.

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Our professional cleaning services in Shepherd’s Bush W12, West London, can be booked by either calling our 24/7 customer attention team or by filling out the booking form located on the site. For you, we have numerous deals, discounts and even a free price estimation that will give you an idea of how much we will cost you. Book today and take advantage of all the great price-saving deals we have.

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